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The WANE System has long been used in green hardscape projects with excellent results. Landscape architects, urban foresters and municipal arborists value its ease of installation, and its cost efficient, durable, and highly adaptable method of preserving the trees in urban landscapes and green hardscape projects. Years of developmental testing and practical use led to the current WANE design that offers numerous advantages for your hardscape project. Used in place of or in conjunction with other methods, the WANE System will reduce costs, prevent dangerous uneven hardscape surfaces and protect the natural beauty of trees in the urban landscape. 


Advantages of Specifying the WANE Unit


  • Low per-unit cost
  • Tested and proven effective since 1972
  • Easy installation
  • Safe non-trip, non-skid design
  • Theft-proof and non-obstructive design
  • Servicing is quick, easy and simple
  • Maintenance is on an annual basis
  • Discourages root protrusion through paved surfaces
  • Highly adaptable to your hardscape medium
  • Durable design for years of trouble-free operation
  • MADE IN THE USA from recycled plastic
  • Meets ADA requirement
  • All canisters come in the color black, lids come in 3 different colors.



12 inch WANE Unit

Height: 12"
  • Orders of 100 or more complete 12 inch WANE units are sold at $40 per unit. Call to place order. 561-282-8968. Mention the discount. 

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