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  Water Air Nutrient Exchange
A practical tree root feeding method used to preserve
and promote tree health in hardscape settings.
(Formerly known as WANE3000)

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WANE Tree preservation systeMS 

replace or complement Tree Grates, Tree Well Drains, Pervious Paving, and other Hardscape Surfaces.

Before issuing the final architectural plans or the job specifications, learn how to eliminate as much as 50% of the costs associated with traditional tree grating systems by installing the WANE Tree System. The WANE Tree System is a safer, more functional, efficient and attractive system that encourages fine root growth necessary for trees in existing and planned hardscape settings.


Statistically, trees in a hardscape environment live approximately half as long as trees in a less invasive setting. Trees in these urban settings are constantly exposed to a much harsher environment and as a result, the roots of these trees do not share the same opportunity to readily pull nutrients from the soil as do trees outside of an urban setting. The WANE Tree Preservation System helps give urban trees the opportunity to more effectively take up these nutrients that might otherwise be lost or unavailable under hardscape surfaces. 


Wayne Smith created the first WANE Tree Preservation System in 1971 to protect and promote a declining Live Oak Tree in an asphalt parking lot struggling to stay alive.  50 years has past and this Live Oak tree still stands in place today. 

tree challenges in the urban environment

W.A.N.E. Tree.png

Since 1972, landscape architects, urban foresters, municipal and commercial arborists have been specifying the WANE Tree Preservation System.  A few examples of where the WANE Tree Preservation System have been installed and are functioning today are the Washington D.C. Capitol Mall, The Georgia Dome, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, University of Florida, New York City and municiplalities and city parks throughout the United States.

advantages of
Wane Tree Preservation SystemS

Since it has been designed for use in all manufactured surfaces, the WANE Tree Preservation System has been used and tested in hardscape settings for 50 years.

Easy Installation

The WANE Tree Preservation System is easy to install.  It is put into operation in minutes using the proper equipment.  Trained personnel can easily install and service the units.  Read our installation guide to learn how to install the WANE Tree Preservation System.

Safe & Secure

The design of the WANE Tree Preservation System unit allows the lid to rest flush with the hardscape paving surface.  Thus, all foot and wheel traffic is unobstructed.  The top surface of the lid is rigid to reduce skidding.  The WANE Tree Preservation System is theft-proof and the non-obstructive design is a clear advantage. 

QUick,Easy Servicing

Servicing is done on an annual basis.  Typical service is very quick and easy.

ADA Friendly Design
With the WANE Tree Preservation System, wheelchair and handicapped traffic is unimpeded, decreasing the possibility of injury and/or incident due to the hazards of root protrusion.  This is prevalent with turf block and tree grates over time. 


Each unit is practically unaffected by temperature change and deterioration by foot or wheeled traffic.  The lid is made of ABS shatter-resistant plastic.  The system is designed and manufactured to ensure years of trouble-free operation. 

Highly Adaptable 

The WANE Tree Preservation System is adaptable in numerous ways. It can be used in hardscape surfaces such as asphalt, cement, bonded aggregate, brick or almost any high-density medium. The WANE Tree Preservation System can be used in conjunction with tree grates to avoid trunk bulge heaving the grates and the sidewalk. The WANE Tree Preservation System is designed to function in all sorts of weather conditions and climates. Finally, special fertilization and supplemental programs can be custom-tailored to all types of trees. 

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